Theresa May Wields Threat of ‘Slow Brexit’ in Final Bid for Support

(Bloomberg) -- Theresa May has long threatened members of Parliament with the risk of no-deal, or no Brexit. On Monday she added a new one -- the danger of a “slow Brexit.”

May has zigzagged between tactics as she tries to get various factions in the House of Commons to back her deal. With just days to go, she’s now got her eye on pro-Brexit hardliners, and she’s coined a new term to describe a long extension to EU membership.

“A slow Brexit which extends Article 50 beyond 22nd May, forces the British people to take part in European elections and gives up control of any of our borders, laws, money or trade is not a Brexit that will bring the British people together,” she told Parliament.

In another move aimed at the pro-Brexit faction, May also played down the prospect of a no-deal Brexit -- the option euroskeptics favor. May said a no-deal divorce won’t happen unless Parliament explicitly approves it.

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