Macron's New Cabinet Won't Be Named Tuesday Night, Office Says

(Bloomberg) -- French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said the much-anticipated government reshuffle won’t happen Tuesday night and didn’t provide further details on the timing of any announcement.

Macron’s office said “not tonight” when asked when the new government’s nominations would take place.

France’s next government will be formed by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, the President’s office said earlier Tuesday, signaling that Macron’s new team will continue with his agenda. Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux last week had said that the new cabinet was going to be ready “within a few days.”

The country has been waiting for a full week now on the composition of the next Macron government -- seven days of speculation, innuendo and misinformation after his interior minister resigned. There’s a deadline of sorts for a list of new ministers: Wednesday morning’s weekly cabinet meeting.

At stake is the scope of the changes Macron will implement as he seeks to move beyond months of gaffes and political setbacks that culminated Oct. 2, when the Elysee palace said Interior Minister Gerard Collomb had “put himself in a position to have to resign.”

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