Prime Minister Narendra Modi Says Jammu & Kashmir’s Union Territory Status Won’t Be Needed For Long
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a book launch (Source: PTI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Says Jammu & Kashmir’s Union Territory Status Won’t Be Needed For Long

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Watch: Analysing PM Modi's Comments On J&K

Modi Addresses Those Opposing J&K Decisions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it is characteristic of a democracy that some people are against this decision and some people are divided. “I respect their opinions and concerns.”

“The government is replying to issues raised in this debate that's going on. And that's the nature of a democracy.”

But I have a request that they keep interest of the country in mind and help the government in giving J&K and Ladakh a new direction.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Watch Modi’s Full Address Here

Industrialists, Exporters Should Take J&K To The World

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called industrialists and exporters to take local products of Jammu & Kashmir—from the Kahwah tea to Kashmiri shawls—to the world.

He cited the example of a plant found in Ladakh that grows in high altitude and strengthens the immune system in low oxygen areas.

Such a unique thing should be sold across the world. Which Indian wouldn’t want that? And this is just one example. There are many such plants in the region. This will also benefit farmers there.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Modi Urges Setting Up Of Block Development Offices

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he is certain that the people of Jammu & Kashmir will reject separatism and adopt the path of rapid development and progress.

I urge the J&K Governor to complete the establishment of block development offices.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

J&K Soon Will Have Its Own MLAs, Chief Minister

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Jammu & Kashmir will soon be able to elect its own representatives and will have its own lawmakers and chief minister. He said he believed that the union territory status will not be needed for long.

“For decades, lakhs of J&K's brothers and sisters couldn't vote or contest in local bodies and assembly elections. I assure the citizens of Jammu & Kashmir that their elected representatives will be chosen by them,” Modi said.

In time, J&K will have its own MLAs, state assembly and chief minister.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Ladakh, however, will continue to be a union territory, Modi added.

'A Well Deliberated Decision'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the decision to repeal Article 370 and designate Jammu & Kashmir as a union territory for an interim period was a well-deliberated one.

He said the reason for this was that a number of state institutions began to function better once J&K went under Governor’s rule. “There was a better influence of good governance seen on the ground there.”

He added that the fiscal deficit of J&K is very high and the Centre will also work towards reducing it.

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