Johnson Says Carney is Wrong: Brexit Hasn't Damaged U.K. Economy

(Bloomberg) -- Boris Johnson rejected Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s view on Brexit and its negative impact on the economy: “It is absolutely not the case.”

Back in London, the central banker told lawmakers earlier on Tuesday that British households are about 900 pounds ($1,212) worse off than they would have been without Brexit.

The response by the foreign secretary, made at a news conference in Buenos Aires, is important because he’s a key figure in Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet arguing for a clean break with the European Union. He was also the face of the Leave campaign during the 2016 referendum. He offered no data to back up his view.

His comments on Brexit are being closely scrutinized given the government’s latest proposal on the Irish border, which would involve as a last resort keeping the U.K. tied to EU trade rules for years after the split. Hardline Brexit backers have already voiced their displeasure.

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