Israeli Army Says Found Second Hezbollah Tunnel Dug From Lebanon

(Bloomberg) -- Israel’s army said Saturday it found a second tunnel Hezbollah dug from Lebanon into Israel, with what it said were intentions to attack or kidnap Israeli civilians.

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said on a conference call the army had placed explosives inside the tunnel, and warned that anyone who entered "does so at their own risk."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced earlier this week Israel was launching an operation to destroy underground tunnels Hezbollah militants dug to infiltrate to Israel from Lebanon. The United Nations confirmed these claims Friday.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Israel warned Lebanon it would attack Hezbollah in Lebanese territory if Hezbollah’s militia doesn’t stop making precision guided missiles with Iran’s help.

Under the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 war between the sides, militias such as Hezbollah were to be disarmed and couldn’t have a military presence south of the Litani River. Israel has given the location of the tunnels to the UN force in southern Lebanon and expects it to close the tunnels from the Lebanese side, in accordance with Resolution 1701, Conricus said.

“These tunnels are not for archaeological purposes. These tunnels are meant to allow elite terrorists to get into Israel and attack Israeli civilians and targets,” Conricus said.

Israeli troops fired Saturday at three Hezbollah operatives who approached the engineering works along the border under cover of fog, apparently intending to disrupt the effort, Conricus said, adding that the men fled.

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