In His Own Words: Brett Kavanaugh Denies Alleged Sexual Assault

(Bloomberg) -- Here’s how Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh responded to Christine Blasey Ford’s description of an alleged sexual assault by him in 1982. Hours after she testified on Thursday that she was "100 percent" certain of her account, he flatly denied the accusations and angrily attacked Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee for turning the nomination process into a “circus” that amounted to a “coordinated character assassination.”

“This confirmation process has become a national disgrace. The Constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process. But you have replaced ‘advice and consent’ with ‘search and destroy.’ Since my nomination in July there’s been a frenzy on the left to come up with something, anything, to block my confirmation.

“The behavior of several Democratic members of this committee a few weeks ago was an embarrassment. But at least it was a good old fashioned attempt at Borking. Those efforts didn’t work. When I did at least OK enough at the hearings where it looked like I might actually get confirmed, a new tactic was needed. Some of you were lying in wait and had it ready. This first allegation was held in secret for weeks by a Democratic member of this committee and by staff. It was needed only if you couldn’t take me out on the merits. When it was needed, this allegation was unleashed and publicly deployed, over Dr. Ford’s wishes. And then, as no doubt was expected if not planned, came a long series of false, last-minute smears designed to scare me and drive me out of the process, before any hearing occurred. Crazy stuff, gangs, illegitimate children, fights on boats in Rhode Island, all nonsense, reported breathlessly and often uncritically by the media. This has destroyed my family and my good name, a good name built through decades of service built up over decades of service at the highest levels of the American government.

“This whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled by with apparent anger about President Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked by my political record, revenge on behalf of the Clintons, and millions of dollars of money from outside left-wing opposition groups. This is a circus.

“The consequences will extend long past my nomination. The consequences will be with us for decades. This grotesque and coordinated character assassination will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from serving our country. And as we all know, in the United States political system of the early 2000s, what goes around comes around. I am an optimistic guy. I always try to be on the sunrise side of the mountain, to be optimistic about the day that is coming. But today I have to say that I fear for the future.

“I will not be intimated into withdrawing from this process. You’ve tried hard. You’ve given it your all. No one can question your effort. But your coordinated and well-funded effort to destroy my good name and destroy my family will not drive me out.

“You may defeat me in the final vote but you will never get me to quit, never. I am here today to tell the truth. I never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in college, not ever. Sexual assault is horrific.

“Allegations of sexual assault must always be taken seriously, always. Those who make allegations always deserve to be heard. At the same time, the person who is the subject of the allegation also deserves to be heard. Due process means listening to both sides.

“I have been in the public arena for 26 years without even a hint, a whiff of an allegation like this. And when my nomination to the Supreme Court was just about to be voted on -- when I am called evil by a Democratic member of this committee while Democratic opponents of my nomination say people will die if I am confirmed -- this onslaught of last-minute allegations does not ring true.

“I am not questioning that Dr. Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time. But I have never done this to anyone. It’s not who I am. It’s not who I was. I am innocent of this charge. I intend no ill will to Dr. Ford and her family. The other night Ashley and my daughter Liza said their prayers. And little Liza, all of 10 years old, said to Ashley we should pray for the woman. That’s a lot of wisdom from a 10-year-old. We mean no ill will.

“I categorically and unequivocally deny the allegation against me by Dr. Ford. I never had any sexual or physical encounter of any kind with Dr. Ford. I never attended a gathering like the one Dr. Ford describes in her allegation. I never sexually assaulted Dr. Ford or anyone. Again, I am not questioning that Dr. Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place in some time. But I never have done that to her or anyone. ”

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