Gina Miller Isn't Saying Yes to Liberal Democrat Leadership Yet

(Bloomberg) -- Gina Miller isn’t ready to consider a move into politics just yet.

“I’m not saying never,” Miller said at an event Thursday at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London. “I’m not saying now, because there are some things that have to change.”

Miller, a wealth manager who took the U.K. government to court to force it to get parliamentary approval before beginning Brexit talks, has been touted as a possible leader of the Liberal Democrats -- a party that saw its support base collapse in the 2015 general election.

Incumbent leader Vince Cable has hinted that he will quit after Britain leaves the European Union. The question is whether Miller would want to take up the challenge. While speculation has swirled around the topic, she would first like to see a change in what she calls the “bullying” way the media targets people.

“There has to be a respect, there has to be an amnesty from the media about the way they go after every member of every family of anybody who puts themselves in the public eye,” she said. “It is unforgiving.”

For now, Miller would rather be independent than join a political party.

“It is easier for me to be independent because my independent voice can be more reasoned than being part of where I have to peddle somebody else’s lines.”

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