Germany Warns on Travel to Turkey After Permits Denied

(Bloomberg) -- The German government tightened its travel advice for Turkey, warning of possible arrests, after officials in Ankara denied accreditation to European journalists -- some from Germany -- without offering a reason.

“It cannot be ruled out that the Turkish government will take further measures against representatives of the German media and civil society institutions,” according to the Foreign Ministry’s travel advisory updated on Saturday.

The Federal Foreign Office also notes that in the past two years, more German citizens have been “arbitrarily” arrested in Turkey. Statements that the German government understands to be covered by freedom of expression rules can lead to restrictions and criminal proceedings in Turkey, according to the advice.

At least two German journalists are now forced to leave Turkey -- a situation which Foreign Minister Heiko Maas calls “unacceptable” in an interview with German broadcaster ARD that will air later Sunday. The reason for the changed travel advisory were “irritating remarks” of a Turkish minister, who also announced that German holidaymakers can be detained in Turkey, if they made -- in Germany for example -- too-critical remarks about the Turkish leadership on social networks, Mass explains.

Tagesspiegel reported on Sunday that Germany considers Ankara’s withdrawal of work permits for journalists an affront and wants to discuss the matter with Turkish representatives, citing unidentified people.

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