Georgia's Kemp Loses Another Voting Case With Race in Dead Heat

(Bloomberg) -- Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who’ll face the electorate next week in his closely contested race for governor, lost another ruling over who can cast a ballot.

An Atlanta federal court judge on Friday cleared the way for more than 3,100 voters who were flagged by the state as non-citizens and ineligible to participate in the Nov. 6 election as long as they show I.D. and proof of citizenship.

Republican Kemp is running neck-and-neck with Democrat Stacey Abrams. An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Friday has Abrams and Kemp in a tie, each with 47 percent support.

Last week, another Atlanta federal court judge ordered election officials to create a process for contesting the rejection of absentee ballots and absentee ballot applications due to signatures that apparently didn’t match.

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