G-20 Posturing, Brexit Sales Pitches, 2020 Jockeying: Weekend Reads

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Maneuvering ahead of the Group of 20 summit in Argentina, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts to sell a carefully negotiated Brexit deal, and potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates’ early jockeying were the topics of some of Bloomberg’s best political enterprise from the past seven days.

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And read more about the life and legacy of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, who passed away late yesterday at the age of 94. 

G-20 Posturing, Brexit Sales Pitches, 2020 Jockeying: Weekend Reads

Trump World’s Russian Entanglement Captured by One Day in June
For a window into the swirl of Russians around Trump’s campaign and his business, look back to a single day in mid-2016: June 9. Shannon Pettypiece connects the dots. 

Saudi Crown Prince Seeking Acceptance Is G-20’s Biggest Sideshow
Glen Carey looks at Mohammed bin Salman’s efforts to bring himself in from the cold after gruesome details of the murder of prominent critic Jamal Khashoggi turned him into a pariah. 

Democrats With an Eye on the White House Use Mueller to Raise Funds
Since the Nov. 6 midterms, Democratic ads have shifted focus from protecting health insurance to protecting special counsel Robert Mueller. Joshua Green explains why. Click here for more on senators considering a 2020 White House run.

Theresa May’s Enforcers Lay Off Torture to Win Key Brexit Vote

The U.K. government official in charge of ensuring Conservative lawmakers back May’s Brexit deal seems to be relying more on gentle persuasion to woo rebels before the crucial Dec. 11 vote, Robert Hutton and Kitty Donaldson report. Click here for more on what other options are available if May and her supporters don’t get the votes they need. 

Kurdish Ambitions Test Turkey’s Uneasy Peace With U.S.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to attack U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in neighboring Syria, angered by a decision to deploy observers the U.S. says was intended to help keep the peace. Selcan Hacaoglu reports from the border. 

Merkel’s Party Tempted by Risky Option After 18 Years of Caution
Patrick Donahue profiles businessman Friedrich Merz , who’s energizing Germany’s Christian Democrats with his bid to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel as party leader.

China Makes New Friends in Europe’s Former Crisis Nations
The EU is imposing a vetting process for Chinese investments, but southern European countries are welcoming cash from Beijing, Xiaoqing PiCarolynn Look and Ruth David report. 

An Oil-Rich State Seeks Hope in Ashes of Africa’s Worst War
Torched homes and ruined farms are the bleak scene that thousands of South Sudanese civilians are confronting as they return home after a war that at its height rivaled Syria for the dubious title of the world’s worst conflict. Okech Francis takes a closer look. 

Gulf Cash Fuels Fight for Muslim Hearts and Minds in Africa
Critics say funds from Gulf Arab states and Turkey are helping to promote the stricter Wahhabi form of Islam in Mali, Katarina Hoije reports. 

G-20 Posturing, Brexit Sales Pitches, 2020 Jockeying: Weekend Reads

And finally…The hundreds of faux chateaux being built for wealthy Gulf investors in Turkey’s northern Bolu province were to have been fit for royals. That is, until the project went bust. Cagan Koc has more on the ill-fated planned community deep in the province’s picturesque mountains that was to include 732 chateau-style villas, swimming pools, Turkish baths, health and beauty salons, a shopping center and a mosque. 

G-20 Posturing, Brexit Sales Pitches, 2020 Jockeying: Weekend Reads

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