EU Desperate for Brexit Deal as Vote Looms, DUP's Foster Says

(Bloomberg) -- The Democratic Unionist Party suggested the European Union will give the U.K. a better Brexit deal, as members of Parliament prepare to give their verdict on Theresa May’s accord.

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“Does anyone for a moment think that the EU states don’t desperately want a deal by March?,” Foster said in remarks to Conservative Party members, and e-mailed to Bloomberg. “It is wrong to assume that the U.K. has no leverage, but we have to ensure we use it.”

Before the vote next week, May is seeking to drum up support for her accord, which the DUP say imperils Northern Ireland’s place in the U.K. by potentially tying the region to European Union rules indefinitely. The Times reported Monday that the DUP, which props up May’s government, is threatening to vote against her in a motion of no-confidence.

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