Salvini Says He Doesn’t Want a ‘Brexit All’Italiana’

(Bloomberg) -- Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini said the populist government’s program has nothing to do with Italy leaving the euro or the European Union, in remarks at the Foreign Press Association in Rome.

Asked about previous criticism of the euro by his League party, Salvini said the position “has evolved not since March but a few years earlier,” in reference to general elections earlier this year. He said he is not seeking a “Brexit all’Italiana” in reference to the U.K.’s coming departure from the EU.

Anti-euro remarks by some economists and lawmakers affiliated with the government coalition had spooked financial markets. However, Salvini in recent weeks has sought to solidify his party’s adherence to the EU, while insisting it has to change.

Salvini told reporters on Monday that the euro currency was not an “invention of a genius” as a currency without a people or roots, but added that “we have the euro in our pockets and we will keep it.”

“We want to go into Europe to change it from the inside,” Salvini added.

He also pledged no new Italian taxes on savings, homes and cars, while expressing admiration for President Donald Trump’s coherent approach to keeping election promises.

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