Cox Rejects Claim He Was Ordered to Change Advice on Brexit Deal

(Bloomberg) -- Profanities on Twitter are hardly the expected language from the U.K.’s top lawyer -- especially with members of Parliament hanging on his every word as they await his ruling on Theresa May’s revised Brexit deal.

But that’s what Attorney General Geoffrey Cox resorted to on Tuesday when broadcaster Channel Four’s Jon Snow cited sources as saying Cox had been ordered to find a way to approve the changes to the divorce agreement with the European Union -- a ruling the prime minister is likely to need if she is to get her deal through Parliament on Tuesday.

Cox, who is usually known for his mellifluous use of Shakespeare, replied using a British epithet that colloquially means ‘nonsense.’ “Bollocks,” he replied.

Cox Rejects Claim He Was Ordered to Change Advice on Brexit Deal

The word also refers to male genitalia, and on this Cox has form. In Parliament last week, he tried to explain his goal in negotiating a so-called codicil to the Brexit deal. “It’s come to be called ‘Cox’s codpiece,”’ he said, to laughter. “What I am concerned to ensure is that what’s inside the codpiece is in full working order.”

Cox will publish his legal advice later. If he doesn’t voluntarily make a statement to Parliament, it is highly likely opposition politicians will demand he does so.

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