Brexit, Huawei Arrests, Trump’s Legal Troubles: Weekend Reads

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U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May beating back a challenge to her leadership, the burgeoning mess surrounding the arrest of a Huawei Technologies executive, and U.S. President Donald Trump’s mounting legal troubles dominated this week’s headlines. 

Catch up on some of Bloomberg’s best political enterprise on those and other topics with the latest edition of Weekend Reads. 

Brexit, Huawei Arrests, Trump’s Legal Troubles: Weekend Reads

Huawei Clash Shows Deeper U.S.-China Battle for Global Influence
David Tweed and Enda Curran explain how Huawei – and the flap surrounding the arrest of its chief financial officer – epitomizes U.S. insecurity about growing Chinese technological prowess. Click here for more about how the company’s influence is waning in Washington. 

Trump’s Political Troubles Mount After a Week of Court Setbacks
The emergence of Trump’s participation in a hush money plot that prosecutors described as “secret and illegal” is the latest in a series of legal and political headaches that have gripped the White House, Justin Sink and Shannon Pettypiece report. 

How Ireland Outmaneuvered Britain on Brexit
Ireland set the terms of the divorce talks even before the British realized. Dara Doyle takes a closer look at how the U.K. got outfoxed. 

France’s Yellow Vests Are Starting to Enjoy the Radical Life
French President Emmanuel Macron’s budget concessions haven’t eased the anger of Yellow Vest protesters, who are starting to enjoy the radical life, Gregory Viscusi writes. 

An Endless Flood of Syrian Refugees Tests Turkey’s Tolerance
Turkey's embrace of refugees from the war in neighboring Syria is straining tolerance on the ground, fanning anger at President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government for allowing them in, Selcan Hacaoglu reports. 

Brexit, Huawei Arrests, Trump’s Legal Troubles: Weekend Reads

Paul Ryan Leaves Washington With a $22 Trillion Legacy of Debt
Beyond failing in his goal to shrink the federal deficit, the outgoing U.S. House speaker is leaving the budget in a precarious state, Anna Edgerton writes. 

Will Merkel Leave Germany Fit for the Future? Probably Not
Angela Merkel’s safety-first approach to running Germany’s economy has left a growing list of challenges for the next chancellor, Alessandro Speciale and Jana Randow write. 

If You See a Line in Zimbabwe, Get In It: Rule for a New Crisis
With a dearth of foreign exchange leaving importers unable to pay for shipments, consumers in the southern African nation face shortages of everything from bread to medicines, gasoline and cash, Brian Latham reports. 

How Asia Fell Out of Love With China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Governments from Sri Lanka to Malaysia are taking a more cautious approach toward Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signature trade-and-infrastructure initiative, Iain Marlow and Dandan Li report. 

Brexit, Huawei Arrests, Trump’s Legal Troubles: Weekend Reads

And finally…Think 2018 has been tough? A pessimistic but not unrealistic scenario for events in 2019 might make you nostalgic for the year that’s waning. A combination of weather events including an unexpectedly severe El Nino and widespread drought results in diminished food production across much of the world. With trade patterns already disrupted by a tariff war, hunger spreads and refugees start moving. Read more about these and other glass-half-empty predictions for the coming months.

Brexit, Huawei Arrests, Trump’s Legal Troubles: Weekend Reads

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