Boeing’s Woes, Lights Out in Caracas, Elections: Weekend Reads

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The en masse grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max after a deadly airline crash, the growing difficulty of obtaining basic needs in Venezuela and upcoming elections from Botswana to India dominated the headlines this week and were the topics of some in-depth coverage you may have missed. Now’s the time to catch up with our latest edition of Weekend Reads. 

Boeing’s Woes, Lights Out in Caracas, Elections: Weekend Reads

When May Lost Her Voice, Her Brexit Vote and Almost Lost Control
It’s been quite a week for the beleaguered prime minister, and yet she is still clinging on. Tim Ross, Robert Hutton and Kitty Donaldson report. 

Corruption Sinks a Nation and May Turn a Comedian Into President
Faced with candidates who are offering more of the same, Ukrainian voters are turning to the absurd. Marc Champion and Daryna Krasnolutska report that television comic Volodymyr Zelenskiy is leading opinion polls ahead of the March 31 election.

The Case of the Vanishing Van, And Its Meaning for the Trade War
When is a passenger van actually a cargo van? It’s the obscure legal question at the heart of a trade case that could have profound implications for how American companies respond to President Donald Trump’s tariffs, Mark Niquette and Andrew Mayeda report. 

Top U.S. Universities Shun Cash From Huawei Under Trump Pressure
At the urging of Congress and the Trump administration, leading U.S. universities are shunning research money from Huawei Technologies. Todd Shields takes a closer look. 

Iran Fears Set Back Russian Push to Bring Assad in From the Cold
Russia’s push to bring Bashar al-Assad back into the Arab fold and open the doors to reconstruction is facing opposition from some of Trump’s Arab allies, Henry MeyerLadane Nasseri and Fiona MacDonald write. 

Boeing’s Woes, Lights Out in Caracas, Elections: Weekend Reads

Elephants, Alcohol and Benefits Divide Botswana Ruling Party
Botswana’s ruling party is in the midst of its worst crisis since taking power at independence from the U.K. in 1966 as a leadership battle rages ahead of an elective congress next month.

Modi’s Drive to Protect India’s Sacred Cows Divides Voters
The tightening of cattle rules by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, backed by Hindu nationalists, has created a media storm in the country just as politicians begin campaigning for a general election, Vrishti Beniwal and Pratik Parija report. 

Netanyahu Tells Arab Citizens They’re Not Real Israelis
The prime minister has made it clear that Israel is not a state of all its citizens. Caroline Alexander and Amy Teibel spoke with voters in Arab villages and towns about Netanyahu’s statement ahead of the April 9 ballot. 

Boeing’s Woes, Lights Out in Caracas, Elections: Weekend Reads

And finally…So you’re rich. Which is the best car to get driven around in?  Hannah ElliottKyle Stock, and Brett Berk tested out 10 luxury sedans to see which rear amenity package comes out on top in the backseat driving wars. 

Boeing’s Woes, Lights Out in Caracas, Elections: Weekend Reads

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