Anger Over Murder of Serb Politician Adds Pressure on Government

(Bloomberg) -- Several thousand people took to the streets of Serbia’s capital on Wednesday demanding answers about last year’s murder of a politician who tried to bring reconciliation between Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority and its dwindling Serb community.

A year-long investigation of a drive-by shooting of Oliver Ivanovic has brought no conclusion. Neither government has named any suspects in the assassination that took place in Kosovska Mitrovica. Serbia refuses to recognize Kosovo as a country following the latter’s 2008 declaration of independence.

“We all want the answer who ordered the political murder of Oliver Ivanovic,” said anti-government activist Branislav Trifunovic, as the crowd marched through central streets.

The march in downtown Belgrade comes amid weekly protests against President Aleksandar Vucic, whom opponents accuse of corruption, stifling democracy and muzzling media. European Union-brokered talks between Serbia and Kosovo on resolving disputes have stalled, though both nations need a deal to qualify for membership in the bloc.

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