Amsterdam Parliament Seeks Three-Year Freeze for Housing Resales

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Amsterdam’s city legislature approved a proposal that would require home buyers to reside there for at least three years in an effort to prevent investors from snapping up houses just to sell them on for a higher price.

The rule would apply to the so-called mid-price segment -- 175,000 euros ($196,000) to 297,000 euros -- in the Dutch capital, according to the proposal backed by a majority in the city’s parliament in a vote Thursday evening.

Under the proposal, home buyers in Amsterdam’s hot housing market will be sanctioned if they sell mid-segment property within three years, though some hardship exemptions will be built into the legislation. A precise time line on the implementation is not yet known.

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In parallel, Dutch Interior Minister Kajsa Ollongren is currently working on legislation that would give municipalities with tight housing markets the power to cap prices for new rental contracts at a certain percentage of a government-set property value.

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