A Look at France's Future

(Bloomberg View) -- 1. Chad Bown at the Monkey Cage on the Donald Trump administration's latest moves on trade policy -- and what could go wrong. 

2. Matthew Shugart looks forward to what the eventual French government might look like. 

3. Nate Silver sees Emmanuel Macron as the overwhelming favorite in the French runoff. 

4. Tim Mak at the Daily Beast on the slow-moving Trump-Russia investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee. As expected -- and why the Senate should appoint a select committee devoted to investigating the full story. 

5. And my Bloomberg View colleague Megan McArdle on the fast-food sandwich market. As one who considers the spread of decent sandwich chains in the last decade or so to be one of the great improvements for the semi-frequent traveler, I've been eager to read about this subject.

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