Sweden's Red-Greens Biggest Bloc in Skop Poll as Voting Starts

(Bloomberg) -- Sweden’s red-green political bloc extended its lead over the center-right opposition Alliance in the final poll by Skop, published Sunday as voting in the country’s general election began.

Government parties the Social Democrats and Greens and their Left Party ally were backed by 41.4 percent of voters in the poll, up from 39.4 percent in the previous one. Support for the four-party Alliance, led by the Moderates, rose to 38.4 percent from 38.3 percent as backing for the nationalist Sweden Democrats dropped to 17.4 percent from 17.7 percent.

The final polls ahead of the Swedish election have indicated very different outcomes, particularly in terms of how much of the vote the Sweden Democrats will get. Backing for the anti-immigration party, which wants Sweden to exit the European Union, has ranged from 16.8 percent in some surveys to 24.8 percent in YouGov’s latest poll.

The level of support for the two traditional political blocs is also very varied. While the red-greens were bigger than the Alliance in the latest Skop, Demoskop and Novus polls, the Alliance was bigger in the latest Inizio poll.

Combining the results of the latest voter surveys by eight different pollsters shows that the red-greens would get 40.7 percent of the vote while the Alliance would get 38.5 percent, according to pollofpolls.se. The Sweden Democrats are backed by 17.9 percent in the combined poll, which doesn’t incorporate the final Skop poll but an earlier one.

Here are the results of the latest Skop poll of 2,500 people on Sept. 2-7:

  • Social Democrats backed by 25.9% vs 23.1% in previous poll
  • Moderate Party supported by 17.6% vs 17.3%
  • Sweden Democrats backed by 17.4% vs 17.7%
  • Left Party supported by 10.6% vs 10.6%
  • Center Party backed by 7.9% vs 7.9%
  • Liberals supported by 6.5% vs 6.2%
  • Christian Democrats backed by 6.4% vs 6.9%
  • Green Party supported by 4.9% vs 5.7%

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