Democrats’ Chance, Poison Perfume and Swedes Vote: Weekend Reads

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The Democrats’ increasing odds of ending one-party rule in Washington, revelations about the Russian-linked nerve agent attack in Britain and tomorrow’s election in Sweden were among the topics of Bloomberg’s best political coverage from the past seven days. 

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Democrats’ Chance, Poison Perfume and Swedes Vote: Weekend Reads

GOP Bracing for Democratic Surge in November Congressional Vote
Two months ahead of the midterm elections, Republicans are bracing for a potential Democratic wave that would break their grip on the U.S. House, leave their agenda in tatters and embroil Trump’s White House in a procession of congressional investigations. John McCormick and Gregory Giroux look at the factors that could bring an end to one-party rule in Washington.

Democrats’ Chance, Poison Perfume and Swedes Vote: Weekend Reads

Deadly Nerve Agent’s Path to U.K.: Plane, Train and Perfume Vial
The sheer audacity of Russia’s chemical-weapon attack on the U.K. can be traced through the journey of a small – and fake – Nina Ricci ‘Premier Jour’ perfume bottle. Kitty Donaldson tracks how Novichok, a lethal Soviet-era nerve agent, was smuggled from Russia into Britain. 

Panic Grips Swedish Establishment Facing an Election Beating
The birthplace of Ikea flat packs and Volvo cars is starting to look just as vulnerable to the populist movement as Italy, Hungary and the U.S. Rafaela Lindeberg previews tomorrow’s election in Sweden, which is shaping up to be its most tumultuous in a century. 

Boris Johnson’s Getting Divorced But Tories Unlikely to Dump Him
Tim Ross takes a closer look at whether the the colorful Tory’s  marital difficulties are jeopardizing his chances of becoming prime minister.

South Sudanese Vow to Stop Running as Peace Deal Calms Guns
Okech Francis reports on the small but growing number of South Sudanese refugees who are gambling that peace may finally take hold and end the world’s third-largest refugee crisis.

Democrats’ Chance, Poison Perfume and Swedes Vote: Weekend Reads

Abe’s Third Term as Japan Prime Minister May Be His Hardest Yet
After two terms of mixed reform results, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is vowing to tackle some of Japan’s most intractable problems in his third. Isabel Reynolds examines his ambitious agenda. 

Europe’s Volatile Flank Finds Itself Focus of Global Attention
Andrea DudikMisha Savic and Stepan Kravchenko look at how Serbia and Kosovo are seeking to mend ties after years of failed efforts and animosity stemming from the Yugoslav wars and their ultimate split a decade ago.

Macron Push to Drop CIA Code Quickens as Trump Calls EU Foe
Just weeks after Emmanuel Macron took office, his team learned that the country’s intelligence agency uses software from a CIA-backed startup. Helene FouquetMarie Mawad and Ania Nussbaum examine Macon’s efforts to make France technologically independent – a sentiment that’s become even more urgent after Trump called the European Union a “foe.”

Graveyard of the Bankers? An Investor’s Journey Into Afghanistan
Chris Kay and Eltaf Najafizada profile a former JPMorgan Chase banker who is looking to strike it rich by setting up a $30 million private-equity fund focused on Afghanistan.

Democrats’ Chance, Poison Perfume and Swedes Vote: Weekend Reads

And finally… In the past two years, seven Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have purchased underground bunkers from Rising S Co. and planted them in New Zealand, according to Gary Lynch, the manufacturer’s general manager. At the first sign of an apocalypse – nuclear war, a killer germ, a French Revolution-style uprising targeting the 1 percent – the Californians plan to hop on a private jet and hunker down, Lynch said. Olivia Carville explains why an island nation famous for having more sheep than people suddenly has become a doomsday destination of choice for the super rich. 

Democrats’ Chance, Poison Perfume and Swedes Vote: Weekend Reads

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