Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal with The Quint’s Editorial Director Sanjay Pugalia.

Media, Investigative Agencies Worse Than Caged Parrots, Says Sibal

Video Editor: Mohd Irshad Alam

In an exclusive interview with The Quint’s Editorial Director Sanjay Pugalia, former Union Minister and senior lawyer Kapil Sibal talked about India’s present political and social situation, the state of media, and his book Shades of Truth.

Media outlets are now even worse than caged parrots. They’re not with the Opposition, they’re with the government. The media is not doing its role well enough.  
Kapil Sibal, Former Union Minister

‘Law Being Used to Serve Political Outcomes’

Referring to a quote from his book Shades of Truth, Kapil Sibal said the law is being used to serve political outcomes.

“The supremacy of law is under attack and processes of law are being used to serve political outcomes. Look at the way cases are being filed against people. Investigations need to be conducted against things like the Birla diary, the Sahara diaries, the Vyapam scam, and so on. Investigating agencies are worse than caged parrots. They’re on the government’s leash.”

He added that, “After 2014, the media is more in support of the government, not on the other side. Many media outlets are now even worse than caged parrots. They’re not with the Opposition, they’re with the government.”

‘Leaders Openly Place RSS Loyalties Above All Else’

Sibal said members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have found a place in every aspect of India’s administrative and official capacity.

Our own governors say they’re loyalties are with the RSS first and then all else. Governors, educational institutions, and agencies are on the side of the government. RSS people are being appointed to all these institutions. When has this happened? It never even happened during Vajpayee’s time.
Kapil Sibal

‘We Weren’t Social Media-Savvy Before 2014, But We’re Learning’

Admitting to one of the Congress’ shortcomings that led to its loss in the 2014 elections, Sibal said the party did not grasp the power of social media before the 2014 elections, but they’ve learned since then.

We weren’t very savvy with social media before 2014. Now we’re more social media-savvy. We’re using social media to reach out to people who need help. We’ve even called for the Bharat Bandh because of rising fuel prices.
Kapil Sibal

‘The BJP Will Get No Part of Tamil Nadu’

Speaking of the politics in Tamil Nadu, where a power vacuum exists after the deaths of both former AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa and former DMK supremo Karunanidhi, Sibal said in no situation will the BJP get a foothold in the state.

The DMK has the upper hand. The AIADMK has split into two factions. Then there’s also TTV Dhinakaran to contend with. In the midst of all this, the BJP will get no foothold in the state.
Kapil Sibal