Trump’s Worst Week and Europe’s Migrant Paradox: Weekend Reads

(Bloomberg) -- U.S. President Donald Trump's rough week, Australia’s latest political shakeup and the two sides of Europe’s immigration debate dominated headlines over the past seven days. Bloomberg Politics also unveiled an interactive web game that puts you in the Brexit driving seat. Enjoy these and other examples of our best coverage in this installment of Weekend Reads.

Trump’s Worst Week and Europe’s Migrant Paradox: Weekend Reads

How Trump Story on Cohen’s Hush-Money Payments Shifted Over Time
Trump and his team have made vague and shifting statements about his alleged affairs with two women and arrangements to buy their silence before the 2016 election. Toluse Olorunnipa reports how their explanations have failed to clarify the extent of his involvement.

Sessions in Play as Senators Broach Trump Firing Him
Trump, who has long threatened to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions, may have received a crucial green light from two Republican senators. As Steven T. Dennis writes, there’s just one catch: He has to wait until after the November elections.

Trump’s War on Blue States Attacks Their Entire Economic Model
Trump has a powerful philosophy defining his ­presidency, and it’s not populism. Paula Dwyer explains how measures ranging from tax cuts to health care are targeting America’s Democratic-leaning states.

Trump’s Worst Week and Europe’s Migrant Paradox: Weekend Reads

How Politics Is Poisoning the ‘Lucky Country’
Viewed from afar, Australia is the envy of the world with its abundant resources and an economy that’s gone 27 years without a recession. But as Jason Scott makes clear, an era of stability and economic reform has been replaced by a revolving door of leadership and politics trumping policy.

Aging ‘Gun Town’ Fights for Its Future in Germany's Bipolar Boom
Suhl has the unenviable distinction of being the most elderly place in Germany. As Iain Rogers writes, the city is being left behind as the rest of the country powers ahead, making it fertile ground for far-right politicians who are challenging the European Union on issues ranging from immigration to the rule of law.

The Untold Story of Why Sweden’s Economy Is Now Growing So Fast
For the other side of the coin, there’s Sweden, which has taken in about 600,000 refugees and migrants over the past five years. Rafaela Lindeberg explains how the new arrivals have helped produce some of the highest growth rates in Europe and will allow the Nordic country address the challenges of an aging population.

As Macron Extends His Dominance, French Politicians Abandon Ship
Politicians in France are calling it quits, bucking the trend in a country that has traditionally cosseted its political class. As Gregory Viscusi and Geraldine Amiel report, the two main establishment parties are still in turmoil after last year’s crushing defeat by President Emmanuel Macron, and many of the losing candidates are looking for fresh careers.

Venezuela Adds to Chaos With One of Biggest Currency Devaluations Ever
Venezuela carried out one of the greatest currency devaluations in history, testing the capacity of an already beleaguered population. Eduardo Thomson and Fabiola Zerpa explain how it will probably drive inflation past this year’s forecast of 1 million percent and intensify the exodus of people fleeing the crisis.

And finally…​​ More than two years since the U.K. voted to leave the EU, negotiations with Brussels have hit a wall and voters are scratching their heads trying to understand what’s happening. We’ve devised a game that allows you to play the role of prime minister. Could you do better than Theresa May?

Trump’s Worst Week and Europe’s Migrant Paradox: Weekend Reads

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