A demonstrator has his face painted in the colors of the Brazilian national flag during a Free Lula March in Brasilia, Brazil. (Photographer: Sergio Lima/Bloomberg)

Jewels, a Yacht and Old Cars: Brazil Sees Candidates Assets

(Bloomberg) -- From the candidate whose sole asset consists of a 2009 silver Chevy hatchback to a multi-millionaire yacht owner, Brazil’s presidential race offers a snapshot of the country’s social divisions.

In the list of assets declared to the electoral authorities, Guilherme Boulos, from the Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL), filed just one: a second-hand car worth R$15,400 ($4,000), while Joao Amoedo, from the New Party, recorded close to half a billion reais in apartments, jewels and a four-million reais boat. Among the oddities declared was a tract of land valued at just one real by former Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles.

All of the 13 presidential candidates have now registered their assets. Former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva declared 7.9 million this year, up from 839,000 reais worth from when he last ran for office in 2006. Ex-Army captain and long-serving congressman Jair Bolsonaro, the second in the running after Lula, reported 2.3 million reais in assets to the country’s top electoral court. Marina Silva said she had resources worth 118,000 reais, including a house in her home state of Acre, while Alvaro Dias has 2.9 million reais (but just 29 cents in a savings account).

Boulos is not the only candidate with limited resources. The firefighter-turned-congressman Cabo Daciolo told the electoral authorities he had no assets whatsoever, though that may be the least of his troubles. On Monday he released a video of himself on a mountain top where he said he was fasting, praying, and hiding from a secret society who wished to killed him.

Jewels, a Yacht and Old Cars: Brazil Sees Candidates Assets

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