Who’s Who in the Paul Manafort Trial

(Bloomberg) -- Here are the players to watch in the courtroom as former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort goes to trial in Alexandria, Virginia, for tax- and bank-fraud charges. A jury of six men and six women was selected and sworn in on Tuesday.


Who’s Who in the Paul Manafort Trial

Paul Manafort: 

  • Longtime GOP strategist and international political consultant
  • Was campaign chairman for Donald Trump
  • Attended 2016 meeting, along with Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, with Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer who participants were told had dirt on Hillary Clinton
  • Charged in Washington with money laundering, acting as unregistered agent for Ukraine and obstruction of justice
  • Charged in Virginia with tax and bank fraud


Who’s Who in the Paul Manafort Trial

Thomas Selby Ellis III: 

  • Reagan-appointed federal judge with law degrees from Harvard and Oxford
  • Sentenced former U.S. Representative William Jefferson after corruption conviction
  • Sentenced John Walker Lindh, an American who helped the Taliban
  • Known for his biting sense of humor and long personal stories from the bench
  • In one hearing, said Special Counsel Robert Mueller was pursuing Manafort case only to get him to incriminate President Donald Trump


Who’s Who in the Paul Manafort Trial

Andrew Weissmann: 

  • Was chief of fraud section of Justice Department’s Criminal Division in May 2017 when he was assigned to special counsel
  • Was FBI general counsel, director of Enron Task Force
  • Was federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York, investigating organized crime

Greg Andres: 

  • Was deputy assistant attorney general in Justice Department’s Criminal Division
  • Was federal prosecutor in Brooklyn investigating organized crime

Uzo Asonye: 

  • Assistant U.S. attorney in Virginia
  • Helped obtain 23-year sentence for CEO of Bank of the Commonwealth

Brandon Van Grack: 

  • Attorney in counterintelligence section of Justice Department’s National Security Division, assigned to special counsel
  • Helped obtain a 20-year sentence for first hacker charged in support of a terrorist organization


Who’s Who in the Paul Manafort Trial

Kevin Downing:  

  • Spent 16 years in Justice Department prosecuting tax cases
  • Helped lead U.S. crackdown on offshore tax evasion, including probe of UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank
  • Helped direct tax-shelter prosecution of ex-KPMG executives

Tom Zehnle:  

  • Ex-federal tax prosecutor with three decades of experience in white-collar criminal litigation
  • Was a chief in criminal enforcement section of Justice Department’s Tax Division
  • Worked at Miller & Chevalier, tax firm that represented Manafort

Jay Nanavati: 

  • Ex-federal tax prosecutor

Richard Westling: 

  • Ex-federal prosecutor specializing in health-care compliance


Who’s Who in the Paul Manafort Trial

Rick Gates: 

  • Was Manafort’s right-hand man in Ukraine
  • Pleaded guilty to conspiring with Manafort to defraud U.S. 
  • Admitted to working as unregistered agent for Ukraine, hiding offshore bank accounts and making false statements to federal investigators
  • Worked on Trump’s presidential campaign as Manafort’s deputy
  • Helped plan Trump’s inauguration

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