Russia Says Meddling in Danish Elections Would Make ‘No Sense’

(Bloomberg) -- Russia’s ambassador to Denmark made headlines in the Nordic country after he appeared to imply that it wouldn’t be worthwhile interfering in Danish elections.

Citing a lack of difference between what he characterized as the “Russophobic” views of Denmark’s ruling coalition and the opposition bloc, Ambassador Mikhail Vanin said that any meddling in an election due to be held by June next year would “make no sense.”

Earlier in the week, Danish media had warned of the risk of an attack similar to the one that occurred during the U.S. presidential election of 2016. Lars Findsen, the head of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service, told the Berlingske newspaper he was concerned Russia may try to manipulate public opinion in the country through cyber warfare.

In a statement on the Russian embassy’s website, Vanin said he considers it “extremely dangerous that the topic of so-called Russia’s interference in the Danish elections is actively promoted in Danish media.”

“However, maybe, it is just the heatwave and the hot heads will cool off until autumn,” he said.

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