Trade War On, Putin’s Plan: Weekend Reads From Balance of Power

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Mexico’s new president started settling in, Malaysia’s former prime minister got arrested and Vladimir Putin is plotting his approach to his upcoming meeting with Donald Trump. These are some of the topics covered in our best political feature stories from the past seven days. 

Global Headlines

Putin Said to Prepare Real Deal Trump Can Tout After Summit
Kremlin officials are working hard to ensure Trump gets at least one deal from Russian President Vladimir Putin that lets him declare their July 16 summit a success, Henry Meyer reports. 

Mueller’s Powers Could Be Decided by Trump Court Choice
Ahead of Trump’s planned Monday announcement of his Supreme Court pick, Steven T. Dennis takes a closer look at a potentially pivotal role the nominee could play: casting a deciding vote on constitutional challenges arising from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. 

Mahathir’s Test in Najib Trial: Prove It’s Not a Political Stunt
Malaysia sent a strong message to its public stewards when it charged Najib Razak, its first former premier to be indicted, with several counts of criminal breach of trust and corruption. Anuradha Raghu and Chong Pooi Koon explain. 

Riding China’s Rise: The European Politicians in Beijing’s Orbit
As Trump’s tariffs tighten the screws on traditional allies, Europe finds itself in a quandary: how far to turn away from the U.S. and look east to the world’s rising power, China. Alan Crawford and Patricia Suzara map out Europe’s more prominent China advocates.

Burning Villages, Ethnic Tensions Menace Mozambique Gas Boom
Matthew Hill and Borges Nhamire chronicle the ethnic tensions and rampant poverty that are fueling a wave of Islamist violence in a gas-rich region of northern Mozambique. The series of attacks have included beheadings and the burning of villages. 

Two Years of Duterte: A Mixed Picture of Drug War, Economic Boom
President Rodrigo Duterte’s two years leading the Philippines have been marred by controversy, but with one big success: a booming economy. The jury is still out if that’s because, or in spite, of him. Andreo Calonzo and Ditas Lopez take a closer look. 

Dominica’s Plan to Survive Climate Change Has a Hard Road Ahead
Christopher Flavelle traveled to Dominica and found that progress toward turning the Hurricane-Maria-ravaged Caribbean island into the world’s first “fully climate-resilient” country has been slow. 

Imran Khan Aims to Make Graft-Prone Pakistan a Welfare State
On a chaotic two-day campaign tour of Karachi ahead of July 25 elections, the opposition leader and former cricket star told Bloomberg that Pakistan’s economy can only be fixed by overhauling its corrupt state institutions.

And finally…What’s being billed as the world’s first all-digital museum is part art gallery, part amusement park and for some, part haunted house.  There are no guide maps, no descriptions, and no items on display – at least not in the traditional sense. Instead, visitors to the Tokyo facility navigate a maze of dark, empty rooms, stepping into or onto about 50 kaleidoscopic installations that are triggered by motion sensors and projected across every surface of the 100,000-square-foot exhibit space, waiting to be discovered.


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