Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an event in Singapore. (Photographer: Paul Miller/Bloomberg)

Modi Targets Congress, Gandhis’ ‘Selfish Interests’ For Emergency

Slamming the Congress and the Gandhi family on the 43rd anniversary of imposition of the Emergency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India was “turned into a jail for the selfish personal interests” of that family.

Addressing a meeting organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party to mark the anniversary of Emergency, Modi said the day needs to be observed to re-dedicate oneself for protection of the Constitution and democracy.

“The Emergency is a black spot on the golden history of the nation. Observing black day today is not just to criticise the Congress for its sin of imposing Emergency but also to create an awareness for protection of Constitution and democracy,” Modi said.

Lashing out at the Congress for “spreading illusionary fear” about the Constitution, Dalits and minorities facing danger (in the BJP-led regime), Modi said the Congress can never improve. “For promotion of self interest, they destroyed their own party,” he said.

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“For selfish interests, the Congress turned the country into a jail by imprisoning opposition leaders. For them, the country and democracy have no value. Instead of (Indira Gandhi) quitting as PM after the court verdict, Emergency was imposed. How can these people talk about safeguarding the Constitution,” he said.

“When Kishore Kumar ji refused to sing for them [Congress], his songs were not allowed to be played on the radio,” Modi said.

Modi accused the Congress of criticising electronic voting machines and the functioning of the Election Commission after they were reduced to 44 seats from 400 in the Lok Sabha. “They did not question the EVMs after the recent Karnataka elections.”

He also criticised the Congress for moving an impeachment motion against the Supreme Court chief justice.

“They [Gandhi family] never imagined that they can face corruption charges and be out on bail. Hence, the Congress decided to move impeachment motion against the chief justice,” Modi said.

Modi said his government was committed to protecting the Constitution and upholding democratic values. “The Constitution is not just a book but a means to fulfill aspirations and wishes of the common man,” he said.

Modi also paid tributes to Ramnath Goenka of the Indian Express, Kuldeep Nayar and the Statesman newspaper for “standing up” against the Emergency. “Many of them were not our supporters either. Nayar is critical of us. But they fought for democracy.”

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