Stormy Daniels Wants Collusion Lawsuit Sent Back to State Court

(Bloomberg) -- Stephanie Clifford, the adult-movie star professionally known as Stormy Daniels, wants the lawsuit alleging her former lawyer colluded with Donald Trump’s long-term attorney Michael Cohen sent back to state court.

Cohen used “procedural gamesmanship” to have the case she filed June 6 in California state court in Los Angeles transferred to a U.S. federal court, Clifford said Friday in a court filing.

The lawsuit is against Keith Davidson, who negotiated the $130,000 “hush payment” she received in 2016 from Cohen not to discuss an alleged tryst she had with Trump a decade earlier. The suit followed a previous case she filed against Trump and Cohen to get out from under the non-disclosure agreement. Cohen and Trump moved that case to federal court where a judge put it on hold because of an ongoing criminal investigation of Cohen.

In Friday’s filing, Clifford argues that the more recent case belongs in state court because Davidson is a California resident.

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