Grieve Says Hopes to Finalize Compromise Brexit Amendment Today

(Bloomberg) -- Rebel U.K. Conservative lawmaker Dominic Grieve said he is in talks with the government to agree a compromise amendment on Parliament having a “meaningful vote” over the final Brexit deal with the European Union.

The negotiations were offered on Tuesday to stop Grieve and other Tory rebels from voting against the government on an amendment introduced in the House of Lords that would have given lawmakers an effective veto on any agreement.

“I’m endeavoring during the course of this afternoon to finalize agreement with the government concerning matters we debated yesterday,” Grieve said in the House of Commons on Wednesday. He later referred to “the negotiations I’m going to be conducting, hopefully successfully, in a minute.”

Prime Minister Theresa May told lawmakers earlier: “I have agreed this morning with the Brexit secretary that we will bring forward an amendment in the Lords.”

Lawmakers are debating amendments to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, the key piece of legislation for quitting the bloc. The bill will return to the House of Lords next week.

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