Weekend Reads From Balance of Power

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Government turmoil in Rome and Madrid, the on-again, off-again U.S.-North Korea summit and President Donald Trump’s most aggressive trade moves yet dominated this week’s headlines. 

Here’s some of our best political coverage from the past seven days.

Weekend Reads From Balance of Power

What a Trump-Kim Deal Could Look Like, From Good to Bad to Worse
David TweedToluse Olorunnipa and Justin Sink lay out scenarios that could result from a U.S.-North Korea summit. 

Inside the Pro-Trump Effort to Keep Black Voters From the Polls
Lauren Etter and Michael Riley tell the story of a Breitbart staffer who recruited a Bernie Sanders activist to convince African Americans to support Trump in 2016 — or stay home.

Trump Tariff Blow Would Go Beyond Sending BMW Sedans to $60,000
David Welch and Gabrielle Coppola report that Trump’s crackdown on auto imports could hurt American GM and Ford brands, too.

Weekend Reads From Balance of Power

Sexual Violence is Holding Back the Rise of India’s Economy
Bloomberg interviewed dozens of women who revealed they’re staying at home or taking lower-paid jobs out of fear for their safety or for that of their children.

China’s Reach and Europe’s Money Meet in Balkan Outpost
James M. Gomez and Jasmina Kuzmanovic take a closer look at a Chinese bridge maker that’s using European Union funds for a project in southern Croatia. 

Italy’s Tiny Neighbor in Euro Area Is Fighting to Stay on Track
Boris Cerni and Michael Winfrey preview tomorrow’s elections in Slovenia, which is trying to stay out of the political turmoil that has englutted neighboring Italy. 

Vegas Gambler in Insider Case Echoes Trump Attacks on FBI Leaks
It’s not just the president complaining about FBI leaks. So are defense lawyers in three white-collar crime cases in New York, as they try to scuttle prosecutions by claiming that the release of grand jury material was so damaging the charges can’t stand, Patricia Hurtado reports. 

Weekend Reads From Balance of Power

And finally … Looking to get away this summer? Photographer Lizy Manola spent the past year chronicling the Greek island of Mykonos and brings you a local’s guide to the famed vacation spot. “Even though I’ve lived and spent all my summers — the last 40 years’ worth — on the island, I still learned so many things in the last year,” she says. “I found streets I’d never walked before, and met different people I’d never had the chance to talk to — local people.”

Weekend Reads From Balance of Power


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