File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Source: PM India Website)

PM Modi Asks People To Rate His Government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a survey on his mobile phone app, asking people to rate the performance of the BJP-led administration at the Centre on the fourth anniversary of his government.

“It is your voice that counts! Tell me what you feel about the working of the central government, its initiatives and the development work in your constituency. Take part in this survey on the NaMo app,” Modi tweeted.

Official sources told PTI that the survey has also asked the people to list three most-popular BJP leaders in their states and constituencies, and rate them on the basis of availability, honesty, humility and popularity. The survey on the app enables the people to rate the performance of the central government and its flagship schemes, the sources added.

This is being done to gauge the people's views about the government, respective states and constituencies, they said.

The survey gives a chance to the people to rate the work of their MPs and MLAs while also asking them to list their prime considerations when they vote, sources said, adding that the participants can also rate the condition of various amenities and infrastructure in their constituency.

The survey assumes significance as the BJP prepares for the Lok Sabha polls, which are due in less than a year.

The Narendra Modi App has been a connectivity platform of choice for the prime minister who has often interacted with the masses as well as his party's functionaries through it, the sources said. They noted that millions of people had participated in a survey hosted on the app in the wake of demonetisation, which was carried out in November 2016.