Boris Johnson Warns May Against Calling Another Snap Election

(Bloomberg) -- Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has urged Theresa May not to contemplate calling another early election, after reports that members of parliament are preparing for a snap vote later this year because of the turmoil of Brexit.

“We had a general election in June last year, which followed hard on the heels of a referendum, which itself followed hard on the heels of an election in 2015,” Johnson told reporters in Buenos Aires on Monday. “I think the British public deserve a break from politicians.”

The Sunday Times newspaper reported that some lawmakers in May’s Tory party are preparing for another election in the Fall because it will prove impossible for her to unite the party behind a single plan for leaving the European Union.

Conservatives are torn between pro-Brexit euroskeptics like Johnson, who want a quick, clean break from the bloc, and others such as Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, who are lobbying for the closest possible trade ties to continue.

Some Tories believe that if May can’t find a compromise to unite the warring factions, she’ll face a leadership challenge and might have no choice but to ask the public to endorse her plan.

Johnson, who is still seen as a potential replacement for May, recalled the outraged reaction of a woman called “Brenda” in Bristol, southwest England, when the premier announced her ill-fated gamble on an early vote last year.

Brenda told the BBC in a video clip that went viral online: “Not another one. Oh, for God’s sake. Honestly, I can’t stand this. There’s too much politics going on at the moment.”

Johnson said:“My thoughts are very much with that wonderful woman Brenda. I’m with Brenda on this one.”

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