Merkel Says U.S.-European Ties Remain Paramount to Global Order

(Bloomberg) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe’s relationship with the U.S. remains fundamental to global security despite mounting differences with President Donald Trump’s administration.

Trans-Atlantic relations are being tested by “differences of opinion,” in particular the U.S. withdrawal from a nuclear accord with Iran, Merkel said in a speech to parliament in Berlin on Tuesday laying out her policy agenda for the months ahead. She renewed her support for the Iran accord, saying it’s better to have a framework for discussions with Iran.

“Despite all the problems we have these days, trans-Atlantic relations are, and remain, of overwhelming importance,” Merkel said. At the same time, Europe “has to take its destiny into its own hands more than in the past.”

The EU is trying to salvage the Iran deal following Trump’s decision to pull the plug. Merkel said that while the agreement is “not ideal,” it’s the best framework for reining in Iran’s nuclear program.

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