Weekend Reads From Balance of Power

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In extraordinary scene yesterday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crossed the border dividing the two Koreas for talks with southern counterpart Moon Jae-in.

Read more about their agreement to bring a formal end to the Korean War after almost seven decades and pursue the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula in this roundup of some of our best political stories from the past week – as well as profiles of a Democratic billionaire trying to impeach a U.S. president and the Brexiteer who can’t be ignored, analysis of French President Emmanuel Macron’s colorful visit to Washington, and more.

Weekend Reads From Balance of Power

Call Him Mr. Impeachment: Tom Steyer’s War Against Donald Trump
Max Abelson went on an impeachment campaign trail to find out if a former hedge fund manager can take down a president. 

French Regulators Make Waves With High-Profile Corruption Probes
France was once miles off the pace when it came to tackling graft, but that’s changing, and this week one of the country’s richest men, Vincent Bollore, was arrested. Gaspard Sebag and Franz Wild explain why. See this profile of the man known as ‘Monsieur Afrique.’

The Fall and Rise of Michael Gove, May’s Brexit Bellwether
Meet the Brexit kingmaker. Once an architect of the referendum who was later fired by Prime Minister Theresa May as justice secretary, he is now back in the cabinet. Tim Ross finds out what he’s up to.

Poland Shatters Fragile Peace With Its Jews After Holocaust Law
Marek Strzelecki uncovers the impact of legislation passed three months ago that criminalizes any suggestion the nation of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Auschwitz was responsible for the Holocaust.

In Part I of our China in Europe series, Andre TartarMira Rojanasakul and Jeremy Scott Diamond crunched  Bloomberg data for this interactive viz on the more than $300 billion that Chinese companies have invested in the bloc over the past decade. In Part II, Alan Crawford reports from a Mediterranean island throwing open the gates, while Germany and France build barriers and Marc Champion looks at European efforts to build a Robot army to challenge the U.S. and China on AI.

Weekend Reads From Balance of Power

Prime Minister Najib Razak gave his first interview to the foreign press in years to Rosalind Mathieson and Shamim Adam, predicting the scandal at a state fund, known as 1MDB, won’t stop him from extending his grip on power in the May 9 election. He also said that while China might become the dominant economic power in Asia, it won’t surpass the U.S. militarily.

Jihadists Gain Strength Even as Troops Arrive in West Africa
Olivier Monnier reports from Mali, a once stable democracy and now home to the world’s deadliest UN peacekeeping mission.

Saudis Turn to Rookies and Women to Reboot D.C. Lobbying Blitz

Vivian Nereim and Bill Allison examine how the kingdom is managing its brand in Washington after a number of diplomatic defeats.

Sexual Harassment Cases Go Uncounted as Complaint Process Goes Private
The U.S. is hearing fewer complaints about sexual harassment in the workplace, Jeff Green shows, but not because there’s less sexual harassment — companies just got really good at keeping it quiet. 

Latin America’s Most Unpopular Presidency Grinds to Standstill
Samy Adghirni and Simone Iglesias explain why, as one lawmaker in the ruling coalition put it, Michel Temer’s government “is dead.”

As Macron’s visit drew to a close midweek, he received a standing ovation from Democrats for a speech to Congress outlining an alternative to Trump’s world view. The barbs were a sharp contrast to the sometimes comical camaraderie between the two leaders of the preceding days – Helene Fouquet traveled with the French President and has this report

And finally … From ultra-luxury to sleek and speedy, the Beijing Auto Show was again showcasing carmakers’ creations to the world's biggest auto market – the race to an all-electric future was more evident than ever. See Bloomberg’s Hyperdrive for more stories on the event, and click here for the cream of the crop. 

Weekend Reads From Balance of Power


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