Stormy Daniels Wants `Seat at the Table' in Cohen Document Case

(Bloomberg) -- Stormy Daniels’s lawyer asked to be allowed to join the case over evidence seized from President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen.

Michael Avenatti told a judge in Manhattan Thursday that he just wants "a seat at the table" to protect his client’s interests while lawyers for Cohen, Trump, Trump’s company and prosecutors argue over which documents are covered by attorney-client privilege.

Avenatti said he’s trying to protect text messages, recorded calls and other communications involving Daniels. The lawyer believes prosecutors seized from Cohen material shared with him by Keith Davidson, the Beverly Hills lawyer who negotiated a $130,000 "hush agreement" requiring the adult film star to keep quiet over an alleged sexual encounter she had with Trump in 2006. Davidson said last week he’s cooperating with federal prosecutors in New York, who are investigating Cohen.

Avenatti told U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood that he contacted Davidson to ask for copies of the text messages related to Daniels. Avenatti said Davidson told him the government has the texts now.

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