PM Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi. 

BJP Set to Rule in Two of Three Northeast States: Exit Polls

Close Race in Meghalaya, Exit Polls Predict

In Meghalaya where the Congress is in power, the JanKiBaat-NewsX exit poll shows that the National People's Party (NPP) is set to gain with 23-27 seats while the BJP will get 8-12 seats, with vote shares of 39 and 12 percent respectively. The Congress is predicted to win 13-17 seats with a vote share of 21 percent and others likely to get 2 to 6 seats.

In Meghalaya, the CVoter exit poll predicts a close finish, with the Congress likely to get 13-19 seats and the NPP 17 to 23 seats, with vote shares of 36.5 and 29.4 percent respectively.

The BJP in Meghalaya is likely to only get 4-8 seats with a vote share of 16.6 percent. The UDP-HSPDP likely to bag 8-12 seats and 8.8. percent vote share, while others may get 5-9 seats and a vote share of 8.7 percent, the poll said.

The Axis-MyIndia polls however predict that the BJP in Meghalaya may bag as many as 30 seats, with Congress getting 20 seats and 11 seats going to others including the NCP and PDF.

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Axis MyIndia:
BJP: 30 seats
Congress: 20 seats
PDF: 3 seats
NCP:4 seats
Others: 4 seats

BJP: 8-12 seats
Congress: 13-17 seats
NPP: 23-27 seats

BJP: 4-8 seats
Congress: 13-19 seats
NPP: 17-23 seats

Saffron Wave in Nagaland, Predict Exit Polls

In Nagaland, where the Neiphu Rio-led NDPP has allied with the BJP, the combine is looking at a 27-32 seat share possibility, predicted NewsX.

The Jan Ki Baat polls predicted that the NPF will win 20-25 seats, while the Congress may hardly manage 0-2 seats.

The CVoter exit polls claimed a victory for the NDPP-BJP combine in Nagaland, which is likely to get 25-31 seats with 38.4 percent vote share, and the NPF likely to bag 19-25 seats with a vote share of 27.1 percent.

The Congress in Nagaland is set to lose a lot with the poll predicting 0-4 seats with a vote share of 19.7 percent, while others may get 6-10 seats with a vote share of 14.8 percent, according to CVoter.

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BJP-NDPP combine: 27-32 seat
NPF: 20-25 seats
Congress: 0-2 seats

BJP-NDPP combine: 25-31 seats
NPF: 19-25 seats
Congress: 0-4 seats

BJP Set to Wrest Power from Left in Tripura

Exit polls predict that Tripura, which has remained a CPI(M) bastion for the last 25 years, is set to see a BJP government.

The NewsX-Jan ki Baat poll predicts 31-37 seats for the BJP-IPFT combine, while the CPI(M) will win a mere 14-23 seats.

While another exit poll by AxisMyIndia predicts 45-50 seats for the BJP-IPFT with a vote share of 49 percent and others may get 0-3 seats with a vote share of 11 percent.

The ruling Left front in Tripura is likely to get 14-23 seats with vote share of 45-46 percent, while AxisMyIndia poll predicted the Left to win 9-10 seats with a vote share of 40 percent.

The CVoter Exit Poll has predicted a close finish in Tripura, with the CPI-M likely to get 26 to 34 seats with 44.3 percent vote share, the BJP and its allies 24 to 32 seats with a vote share of 42.8 percent, while the Congress may win only 0-2 seats with a vote share of 7.2 percent.

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NewsX-Jan Ki Baat:
BJP-IPFT combine: 31-37 seats
CPI(M): 14-23 seats

Axis MyIndia:
BJP-IPFT combine: 45-50 seats
CPI(M): 9-10 seats

BJP: 24-32 seats
CPI(M): 26-34 seats
Congress: 0-2 seats

With counting for Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura set to happen on 3 March, all eyes are on the BJP, which is looking to make inroads in the northeast.

So far, the exit polls indicate a verdict in favour of the saffron party in Tripura and Nagaland.