Puigdemont to Seek Judge's Approval to Attend Catalan Parliament

(Bloomberg) -- Ousted Catalan President Carles Puigdemont plans to seek judicial permission to attend a local parliamentary session Tuesday that would vote him in as regional leader for a second term.

Spain’s Constitutional Court has sought to block the investiture, ruling Saturday that Puigdemont, who has been self-exiled in Belgium since late October, must be present at the session to be voted in. He has to get approval from the judge investigating to attend, according to the ruling. Puigdemont faces an arrest warrant in Spain over an illegal declaration of independence.

Puigdemont to Seek Judge's Approval to Attend Catalan Parliament

Josep Rull, a lawmaker in Puigdemont’s party, told Catalonia Radio Sunday that the former Catalan chief would request the court’s approval. A Barcelona-based press official from Puigdemont’s party confirmed the plan in a text message.

Catalan Parliament Speaker Roger Torrent nominated Puigdemont last week after separatist parties retained a majority in the parliament in elections last month. The lawmakers have explored whether it would be possible to go ahead with voting Puigdemont in by remote means such as a teleconference or using on another member of the parliament. Such moves might sidestep the arrest order issued by Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena, who is investigating him for possible charges such as sedition and rebellion.

Puigdemont’s party isn’t planning to propose an alternative candidate, lawmaker Eduard Pujol was cited as saying by La Vanguardia on Sunday.

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