Trump Is Confident House Has Votes for Tax Plan, Official Says

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump is confident that House Republican leaders have the votes to pass their version of a tax overhaul, and he’ll thank members of the GOP conference and field their questions on a visit to the Capitol this morning, a senior administration official said.

Trump will also tell House Republicans that he wants the tax bill to eventually be bipartisan, the official said. That’s more likely in the Senate, where some Democrats have had discussions with White House officials including National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and Trump himself about adding favored provisions to the legislation.

But Senate Republicans announced Tuesday that they will use the bill to try to repeal the Obamacare requirement that most Americans carry insurance, which would almost certainly dash any chance of Democrats supporting the legislation.

The official asked not to be identified discussing Trump’s visit to the Capitol in advance of his closed-door remarks.

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