Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi waves during a Samvad program with the supporters of the party in Ahmedabad (Source: PTI)

Rahul Gandhi: Reluctant Leader No More?

Rahul Gandhi making sure he hits top Twitter trends, if not news headlines, nearly every day. From his martial arts skills, to his dog, to selfies with fans, the Congress vice-president seems to be hitting all the right notes in what many are calling a political re-invention.

It started with Rahul Gandhi's address to students at an American university a couple of months ago where he spoke candidly about his limitations as an orator, addressed the dynasty issue and didn’t shy away from saying he was willing to fight for the top post in 2019. That outing has been followed with a series of sharp slogans and a cooler social media outlook.

But does it all translate into a substantial change in perception in the only arena that matters?

Watch this conversation with Vinod Sharma, political editor at Hindustan Times and brand guru Harish Bijoor.