Russian President Vladimir Putin plays piano before his talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping prior to the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing (Source: PTI)

Putin Plays The Piano While He Waits For Xi Jinping

Russian President Vladimir Putin took to the piano on Sunday while he waited for a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Putin was in Beijing to attend the One Belt-One Way economic forum, after which he left for Jinping's official resident for a bilateral meeting.

Putin, who has performed on earlier occasions and charity galas in Russia, gave an impromptu performance on a grand piano he spotted, according to Russian state media Sputnik’. He played 'Moscow Windows' and 'The City on the Free Neva River' - the unofficial anthems of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the report added.

The video showed a softer side of the Russian President as he played the songs from his childhood.