Hillary Clinton Returns With New Group to Help Others on Left

(Bloomberg) -- Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton rolled out her next act on Monday, launching a political group that will tap her prominence to raise money for groups opposing the man who defeated her and his agenda.

The mission seizes on the energy of the “resistance” movement that’s built up in response to Donald Trump’s presidency. In an email to supporters, Clinton said she established the group because she believes ”more fiercely than ever” in the need to mobilize support for Democratic causes.

The group initially plans to support five organizations, including Run for Something, which assists young people who want to run for office, and Indivisible, which has been has organized anti-Trump protests.

The name of the new Clinton group, “Onward Together,” is a riff on her 2016 campaign slogan, “Stronger Together.” It is incorporated under a provision of the tax code that allows it to engage in lobbying.

Clinton has slowly resurfaced since her November loss in the presidential election, often reflecting on her campaign and defeat at the prompting of interviewers.