Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa has been admitted to the hospital since 22 September. (Photo Courtesy: The News Minute)

Jaya’s Health ‘Progressing Gradually’, Treatment Underway: Apollo

Apollo Hospital in Chennai has put out a press release on Friday giving updates on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s health.

The press release says:

The Honourable Chief Minster continues to be under treatment and observation for all vital parameters, respiratory support and passive physiotherapy.... The Honourable Chief Minster is interacting and progressing gradually.

Jayalalithaa has been undergoing medical treatment at the Apollo Hospital since 22 September after she complained of fever and dehydration.

Apollo Hospital’s press release. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/<a href="https://twitter.com/DharaniT">@DharaniT</a>)
Apollo Hospital’s press release. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@DharaniT)

It said a team of experts have been giving treatment and care to the chief minister.

The AIADMK said on Thursday said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa is “completely well” and will return home soon.

A spokesperson of the party said that Jayalalithaa, who had dedicated her life for public service, was “taking rest” as per doctors’ advice.

Meanwhile, party workers and supporters of Jayalalithaa continued holding special prayers in temples, churches and mosques across the state, wishing for her speedy recovery.