Russian Spies and Everyday Heroes

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Amazon’s share of the U.S. e-commerce market is now 49%, or 5% of all retail spend (TechCrunch) but see Amazon Foes Walmart and Microsoft Deepen Tech Partnership (Wall Street Journal)
  • “The market is rolling simply because it’s rolling” (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Neel Kashkari on the Flattening Yield Curve (Medium); see also “Be conservative”: Jeffrey Gundlach on how to invest in this environment (MarketWatch)
  • Earnings Surprises: The Stock Market’s Worst-Kept Secret (MoneyBeat)
  • What’s the matter with wages? (MarketWatch); see also Worker wages drop while companies spend billions to boost stocks (CBS)
  • Russian Spies Hid Behind Bitcoin in Hacking Campaign (New York Times)
  • How Facebook Checks Facts and Polices Hate Speech (Wired); see also Two billion internet users are not on Facebook (On an Overgrown Path)
  • How Laundry Is Reducing America’s Carbon Footprint (Daily Beast)
  • Republicans Call Trump Summit Remarks “Shameful” and “Bizarre” (Bloomberg); see also Trump's Helsinki humiliation (Axios); see also The GOP can either defend the United States or serve the damaged and defective man who is now its president. (the Atlantic)
  • 25 Everyday Heroes We Could All Learn From (BuzzFeed)

What are you reading?

The relationship between financial or real assets is at extremes

Russian Spies and Everyday Heroes

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