Why Trump's Businesses Really Matter

(Bloomberg View) -- 1. Julia Lynch on comparing Donald Trump to Silvio Berlusconi -- or worse. One more vote for the importance of how Republicans in Congress react to him. So far, it's not very encouraging.

2. More analysis of the Latino vote from Francisco Pedraza and Bryan Wilcox-Archuleta at the Monkey Cage. 

3. Richard Painter on the many reasons Trump's businesses are such a big deal

4. Mike Konczal on what Trump was actually promising on the campaign trail. Interesting, although I'd be careful about his Hillary Clinton critique -- it's easy to assume that everything the losing candidate said must have not worked (and of course in this case the losing candidate received more a lot more votes than the winning one). But we need good Trump listeners. 

5. And Fred Kaplan at Slate on Defense nominee General James Mattis

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