Portfolios, Jobs, Crises and Superpowers

(Bloomberg View) -- Start your week with off right the finest morning train reads in the land:

  • The Permanent Portfolio (Irrelevant Investor)
  • A Worrisome Dearth of Women in the Fund Industry: Studies have found that women run just 2% of the mutual fund industry’s assets. That’s a problem (Barron’s)
  • Why Obama isn’t getting credit for the economy (Vice); see also Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama (Calculated Risk)
  • South Carolina’s looming pension crisis (Post and Courier)
  • Can the U.S. Become an Energy Superpower in 2017? (Bloomberg)
  • Credit Restrictions Cost Home Buyers "Deal of a Lifetime" (Wall Street Journal); see also Higher Rates Don’t Mean Lower House Prices After All (Wall Street Journal)
  • Multi-Millennial Perspective: The View from the Far Future (Bradford-Delong)
  • Where Does Trump Get His News? BuzzFeed News analyzed all the links Donald Trump tweeted (BuzzFeed)
  • Sports can help you live longer, but some have a bigger effect than others (Business Insider)
  • The Man Who Stands Between Earth and Asteroid Armageddon: NASA’s planetary defense officer. (Bloomberg)

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Trust in politicians falls to 15 percent

Portfolios, Jobs, Crises and Superpowers

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