Fiscal Policy Turns Upside Down in 2017

(Bloomberg View) -- Republicans Prepare an Extravaganza of Tax and Spending Cuts

With just weeks to go before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Republicans are planning the most radical overhaul of spending and taxes America has seen in half a century. Albert R. Hunt explains how repealing Obamacare will be key to pushing through other measures on the GOP agenda (few of which will please the new president’s populist base). 

See Romney Jump Through Trump’s Hoops

The 2012 presidential nominee would be the best candidate for secretary of state, but that doesn’t mean he’ll get the job. Margaret Carlson considers the odds that Mitt Romney’s self-abasing play for the cabinet will pay off. 

Message to Modi: First, Do No More Harm

After pulling 86 percent of India’s currency out of circulation — as part of a broad push to combat “black money” — the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing tax officials to conduct raids on those who might be concealing assets in gold. Mihir Sharma warns that India’s leader should be careful not to push his political narrative too far.

Virtual Reality and Dangerous Fantasy in Jerusalem

Visitors to the Western Wall can now take part in a new virtual-reality experience — one that mainstreams a once-radical and perhaps dangerous idea. Noah Feldman fears that with each viewing, the possibility of peace between Israelis and Palestinians will grow more distant. 

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