Trump Tax Cuts: A Bad Idea With a Bright Future

(Bloomberg View) -- Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Deficit Spending

Tax cuts paired with high spending aren’t actually tax cuts — they’re levies imposed on poor saps in the future. That’s too bad, Megan McArdle says, because Donald Trump and congressional Republicans agree on one policy, and somebody’s going to pay for it.

OPEC Oil Deal Sells Fake News for Real Money

Sure, OPEC and Russia agreed to a “grand bargain” to cut oil production this week, but will they follow through? Leonid Bershidsky says that in a way, it doesn’t even matter: Saudi Arabia and Russia have mastered the art of regulating prices with words, and oil traders don’t care as long as they have a story to trade on.

Boosting Wages Is Hard to Do

Donald Trump says he wants workers to make more money, and Noah Smith thinks he could make it happen. How? By controlling health-care costs, investing in cities, strengthening labor, and ... well, keeping a lot of policies from the Obama administration. 

Trump’s Commercial Empire Isn’t Too Big to Sell

His global business is too vast, sprawling and complicated to hand off to a third party, some of the president-elect’s supporters claim — but looking at the numbers, Timothy L. O’Brien finds the Trump Organization is little more than a family-owned boutique business.

Recounts Aren’t Useless. They’re Scientific!

Science relies on replication. Shouldn’t the same apply to vote-counting? Faye Flam argues the push for recounts will only strengthen the electoral system.

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