Drug Prices, Trump and Yellen, and Junk Science

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  • How Humans Became "Consumers": A History. Until the 19th century, hardly anyone recognized the vital role everyday buyers play in the world economy. (the Atlantic)
  • The Great Asset Management Consolidation of 2016 (Chief Investment Officer)
  • Australian boys re-create $100,000 life-saving drug for $20 (BBC); see also The true story of America’s sky-high prescription drug prices (Vox)
  • Can Trump and Yellen Be Friends? Against all odds, Yellen could be an ally to Trump in accelerating growth. Or not. (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • 6 Financial Must-Dos Before Year-End (Morningstar)
  • Ten Good Pieces of Economic Data From All Around the World (Bloomberg); see also Trump is about to inherit the "strongest overall job market in a generation" (Business Insider)
  • New secretary of Health and Human Services is a member of a fringe medical organization. Here’s what that means. (Science Blogs)
  • Flying cars are closer than you think (the Verge)
  • Examples of Junk Science: A Pseudoscience Whistleblower Story (Political Calculations)
  • 100 Outstanding Audio Stories of 2016 (Bello Collective)

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Drug Prices, Trump and Yellen, and Junk Science

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