Parties, Partisanship and Women in Combat

(Bloomberg View) -- 1. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction has a must-read, arguing that the big problem in the U.S. is that the "parties are weak while partisanship is strong." She's correct about partisanship, but wrong about the parties. I think it's possible that the Republican Party is both strong and broken at the same time. And the Democratic Party is strong and not broken. 

2. Jacquelyn Schneider and Julia Macdonald at the Monkey Cage look at attitudes toward women in combat and how this may affect attitudes toward war. 

3. Longtime Clinton-hater Andrew Sullivan makes the case against Trump

4. Josh Barro at Business Insider knocks down the argument that Democrats are to blame for Trump because they were too mean to Mitt Romney. Remember: Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, and Democrats somehow managed not to nominate anyone like Trump.  

5. And a history of television electoral maps, from Stephen Battaglio at the Los Angeles Times.

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