Turmoil in the West Leaves Asia at Risk

(Bloomberg View) -- Asia Is Vulnerable to Global Uncertainty

Asian economies are thriving now, but they’re uniquely threatened by political and economic turbulence elsewhere. Mohamed El-Erian warns that uncertainties surrounding Brexit, the U.S. election and the Trans-Pacific Partnership could test the thriving region’s resilience.

Venezuela Exports Its Crisis

Is Latin America ready for a flood of Venezuelan refugees? Mac Margolis reports that causalities of Chavismo are already pouring out of the country’s borders, and Brazil, Chile, Guyana and the Dominican Republic are feeling the strain.

Where Was Wells Fargo’s Board?

The passivity of the bank’s directors in the face of the bombshell fake-accounts scandal illustrates a deeper dysfunction in American corporate governance. Luigi Zingales says that reforming the way directors are elected could go a long way toward making them more vigilant and valuable.

Clinton Can Afford Some Trump-Like Fiscal Craziness

Hillary Clinton contrasts her own fiscal rectitude with her opponent’s fiscal recklessness, but what if probity isn’t always the best policy? Paula Dwyer says that the Democrat could jolt the economy with short-term tax cuts and larger spending increases, and easily get away with it.

Trump Douses Himself in Woman Repellent

Can’t win them, can’t win without them: The Republican candidate is tanking with female voters, and at times seems to be deliberately driving them away. Margaret Carlson says that in belittling women, Donald Trump diminishes his own campaign (and himself). 

How the Right Changed Its Mind on Prison

After decades of being the tough-on-crime party, the GOP is emerging as a force for prison reform. Megan McArdle speaks with political scientist Steven Teles about the backlash against mass incarceration and the rise of the “Right on Crime movement.   

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